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Seeking Petsitting Bookings and new Dog Walking Clients

Hello Everyone....

o I sadly and very unexpectdly lost my job at Village Manor last April 5th and I have been supplementing unemployment with whatever Dog walking, Cat check-ins and Petsitting Bookings I can get until my unemployment ends on 10/16.  I am currently quite wide open for bookings.  I am actively seeking new full time employment working with the Elder Population.  Once I am employed full time, I will continue to petsit (depending on location- and only if animals will be ok while I am at work during regular weekly workday hours).  I can also dog walk in the evenings after work and on weekends.  So please give me a call at 503-781-2779 to book your next pet sitting, dog walk or cat check in!  I look forward to meeting you and beloved pet(s)! * I'm booking now for the holiday season in the inner NE area. (Depending on Where I get hired may broaden the area I can petsit) please just call 503-781-2779 to discuss my availability! Thanks so much! Wishing you a beautiful fall as we transition on 9/23 Fall Equinox.

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