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Moving Back to Portland from Hawaii on 7/1/24...BOOKING NOW FOR LATE SUMMER, FALL and THE HOLIDAYS!!!

Hello new and former clients, after the recent death of my mom and two of my three sisters battling Cancer, I have made the decision to return to Portland to be near my family and resume my Petsitting Business, as I also have really missed my regular clients!! I will be back in Portland 7/1/24 (but please call NOW to book)

So I am currently booking for Late Summer, Fall and THE HOLIDAYS!!!! Please give me a call to book. 503-781-2779

I would LOVE TO FILL MY CALENDAR with wonderful animals to care for.

When I return I will live with my sister and niece in the University Park/ St. John's Hood...However, I am looking for a low cost studio or one bedroom or tiny home or possibly ROOM(s) to rent....Please keep me in mind and let me know if you have or know of any good living spaces that might be good for me!!! Thanks so much!

HOPE TO HEAR FROM YOU SOON..CALL NOW to book......503-781-2779

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