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* Services ~ Prices ~ Cancellation Policy *

Hello I am here to serve you by planning a CUSTOM plan of ATTENTIVE AND PAMPERED Care for your pets while you are away. I want you to be rest assured that your home and pets are safe , secure and happy!

I prefer to to do IN-YOUR-HOME OVERNITE CARE 24/7 rather than drop in visits as I believe this gives the pets more company as I am typically home the majority of the time I am doing a job (I try not to be gone longer than 2-4 hours at a time if I am working with another client) and it keeps the animals normal routine intact.***( In addition, you get more of me and my time for your money. 

*Drop in visits  are available in inner N/NE/SE for $30 per visit (regardless if this is for Cat, bunny, dog, chicken or any other pet needing a drop-in visit, price is the same) If extra distance or time needed at visit is longer than 30 minutes there may be an additional fee 

*If Multiple Drop-in visits are required per day each visit is still $30 as it still requires the same amount of my time, effort and gas as the first visit.  Thanks for understanding.

NEED A RIDE TO OR FROM THE AIRPORT to go on your trip??? I've gotcha covered for $20-$30 extra fee, depending on your location (likely cheaper than an uber!)

* I try to keep the house a little neater than when I got there and I always bring my own food ( *unless food or a food allowance is offered, which is not expected but GREATLY APPRECIATED) and clean up after myself of course. I pick up mail, packages, newspapers and meet any service or repair people needing to come in. I water plants indoors and out if needed.  (If there is a large garden or outdoor area to be watered I charge an additional $15 for watering days) I also like to leave a little token or surprise for family members when I leave and surprise you while you are away with a text photo of your pet to send you a little LOVE from home! 

RATES: Typical for inner East side and North end of Portland Metro area is $65 for first two pets with no *special needs (Special needs pets: medications, incontinence, SR dogs with additional needs, puppies are $5 extra per day due to additional work)

* HIGH MAINTENANCE HOUSES:  Extra indoor pee/poo clean up, Extra outdoor critter feeding filling of more than one bird feeder ,piles of dishes left in the kitchen sink and other extreme mess. I am happy to to keep your home neat and tidy and pick up after myself, however if I am left to stay in a messy house I can't help but clean it and I would like to be compensated for that work. $5 additional per day

PETS WITH SPECIAL NEEDS *(THIS IS MY SPECIALTY)* :  Elderly Dogs  need more care due to blindness /deafness/arthritis and other Physical needs and excessive incontinence, or needing medication or puppies 2-4months old that might be potty training, will cost $5-$15 additional per day TBD this is because these dogs require a lot more work on my part and likely need me to stay with them full time, which is more than a typical average pet sitting job (and does not allow me to leave for other check-in or sniffer walk appts). 

WALKS: ELDERLY/SLOW Dogs are the only dogs I am walking for a 30 minute walk. I like to call them  "The Sniffer Walks"  So they can walk slowly and stop and sniff  for smell sensation $30 inner N/NE Area 

***I rarely will Petsit in areas out of Inner N/NE/SE only because If I am doing a petsitting job at on the West side it logistically prevents me from taking on any cat-in check or Sniffer Walks jobs that I other wise could have taken on if I were in a NE/SE home. But if I do *Inner West Side or Vancouver or Outer East Gresham starts at $70 -$75 a day for two animals (Elderly dogs are additional see above) because this is out of my home area and with increasing traffic I spend a lot more time on the road in increasingly heavy traffic driving to and from any appointments I may have and the cost of gas is very high.

***(Meal allowance and Gratuity Tip are optional, not expected but



*Holidays Include:

Valentine's Day, Memorial Day,  4th of July,  Labor Day,  Thanksgiving Day,  Christmas Day,  New Years Eve,  and New Years Day.


* On-Call Cat/dog/rabbit etc. Check In  (INNER NE/N Portland Only)- $30

* COMPANION CARE TO SENIORS-Portland Metro Area ($25 per hour - 2 hour minimum)spending quality companion time with Seniors, rides to errands, Dr. and other Appointments, social for fun outings (movies/coffee or meal out) etc.

*CUSTOM CREATIVE INSPIRATIONAL COLLAGE JOURNALS -one of a kind works of art made out of a 8X10 journal great for a gift or for yourself all individual one-of-a-kind inspiring works of art incorporating photos, words, ribbons, charms and much more - can be geared toward a couples wedding, a bride, a student, someone doing their favorite hobby or sport, your beloved animal or favorite place, a memorial book to someone whoo has passed...anything you can imagine. Let me create one for you or as a one-f-a kind unique gift for someone you love and adore.-$75

*I also am a MOBILE NOTARY PUBLIC. Please visit me at my other website for all your Notary signing needs!!! 


***INITIAL INTAKE Visit Meet/Greet for FIRST TIME NEW CLIENTS is no charge.


$$$***I DON 'T EVER WANT TO TURN ANYONE AWAY FOR FINANCIAL REASONS so that is why I have a sliding scale based on HONOR, but if this is still not affordable for you please call me to discuss and propose to me what you might be able to afford and we can see if we can make arrangements for a price that works for both your budget and and my services offered.***$$$ OPEN to discussing PARTIAL BARTER as well***


Again Thanks for considering me first when going out of town for pleasure or business..I would love to come to your home and keep it safe and secure and help make your pets feel loved and attended to while you are away.



***This is because if I Lock in your date that means I cannot accept another booking from someone else and if you cancel I lose valuable needed income so I charge a 50% NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT to book your Pet Sitting service. 

The Balance of your Fee is due the day you leave for your trip.

Cash, Check or Venmo accepted


Thank you for your understanding and respect of this policy***

Initial Consultation: no charge


Your Testimonials/Reviews and Referrals are so appreciated! Please post on the Gotcha Covered FB page, YELP,  NEXTDOOR  or on this website! Thanks so much for helping grow my business!

WORD OF MOUTH is how my business survives and thrives!


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