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I HAVE A NEW JOB! so new changes at GOTCHA COVERED!

Well after nearly four years I am returning to my love of the Social Services and will begin my new job as the Social Services Director at Village Manor a Mental health Assisted Living Facility out in Troutdale on 11/23/15.  I could not be more thrilled or excited.  This job is full time and is clear out in East ounty so this will bring some limitations to what I can now offer my my petsitting clients.  

I can no longer serve clients on the west side because it is simply too far from where I work ( *i might possibly re-consider for a friday night to sunday morning or afternoon stay).

Typically i can only do long term stays with animals that can be left alone for 8 or 9 hours M-F , unless they have a doggy door or we can find someone to drop in on them during the days I work,  i of course would stay the night and the weekends.  This would need to be East side only.

I can do Friday evening to sunday night or early monday morning stays.

I can do drop-ins and dog walking only on the weekends. East side only.

So Hopefully with these limitations some of you will still be able to use me at some point in my limited capacity.  

Thank-you for your continued support of GOTCHA COVERED Home & Pet Sitting Services By Becky Bilyeu 

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