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I am happy to recommend Becky Bilyeu for in-home pet care. We have hired her on numerous occasions during the past three years. Recently, she stayed with our two dogs and a cat for 17 days while we were in Europe and Africa. For this trip, there were numerous medication requirements for both of our dogs, including one pill for our elderly pit bull, Julie, that had to be given an hour before breakfast! We were relieved to arrive home and find Julie’s health had markedly improved.

Becky keeps our plants alive, the birds and squirrels fed, and the house in good shape.

Because Becky’s regular daily rate is reasonable, I leave her $20 a day for food money, though she does not ask for it. She is happy to drive us to and from the airport, and I pay her for that too, since I love not having to take a taxi.

If you have questions, I would be happy to talk with you by phone. Becky is free to give you my number. ~Sarah Friedel , Portland, Oregon 

I highly endorse Becky Bilyeu for pet care. I trust Becky and her judgement implicitly, whether for a day, a week or more. And as important, if not more, my Labradoodle Maisie, LOVES her! ~ J Platt, Portland, Oregon 

I highly recommend Becky. I am a dog walker/petsitter in business for many years and I asked Becky to take over for me while I am recuperating from surgery. It has been such a relief to know how much she cares and loves my dogs. We talk about Griffy or Ahsoka or Sawyer and laugh at their different personality and sweet characters, we talk about the young the shy, the cranky the vocal and the multi ball hoarders. Clearly Becky, in a very short amount of time, embraced them as her own. I'm so thankful!! ~ Chloe DeSegonsac, Portland, Oregon

Becky took care of my dog Pete and my grand dog Karim at my home for a week. Careful attention and affection- Pete likes to sleep on my pillow? No problem! She was flexible and conscientious, communicated well and sent pictures of the dogs during her stay. I would definitely call on her again if I needed a petsitter. So comforting to have someone in my home; which the dogs prefer, too. Thanks Becky!~ Gail Hathaway Tupper, Portland, Oregon

Becky took care of our home, 6 dogs (5 pounds to 90 pounds, 3 years to 12 years), salt water fish and did a fantastic job while we were away. Everything was clean, the dogs were happy as clams and she stayed with them the entire time. We didn't have to worry about the dogs one bit! We already have her booked for another stay. Don't let this one get away...its hard to find a great sitter who will stay with your fur babies and take great photos of them too! She calls them her "6 pack" which is so cute. Give this gal 5 out of 5 star rating!!!!~ Dawn & Monika Kowalski

I highly recommend Becky Bilyeu for pet care and house sitting. She has taken care of my pets and home more times than I can recall. I trust her completely and feel at ease knowing that she is taking care of my cat and dog, and home while I am away. She is a terrific communicator. Becky is reliable, the animals love her and I adore her too! I'm incredibly thankful for Becky!~ Alicia Selliken, M Realty

Becky just took care of my two corgis while I was away for 4 days. She is really great with them and they were totally happy when I got home. This is what I want. She watered my plants and left the house in immaculate condition. I would highly recommend her if you need a good person to take care of your pets. She also taught me how to get rid of fruit flies with apple cider vinegar in a bowl with plastic wrap over the top. Punch a few holes in it so they can get in and they don't get out. I can't believe they are all gone. I'm really grateful. ~Carolyn Winkler, Spirit Mask Journeys, Portland, Or.

Becky house/cat sat for us on three different occasions and two of those were over 2 weeks long. We always came home to a clean house and well cared for cats. We were very satisfied! ~ D. Hogenson, Lake Oswego, Or.

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